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Ball Grid Array (BGA) assembly technology is a surface mount packaging technology applied to integrated circuits, which is often used to permanently fix devices such as microprocessors. BGA assembly can accommodate more pins than other packages such as Dual in-line packages or Quad Flat Packages, and the entire bottom surface of the device can be used as pins , instead of only peripherals available, and also have a shorter average wire length than peripheral-limited package types for better high-speed performance.

Kingford has been providing BGA assembly since 1999, including BGA rework and BGA Reballing services for the printed circuit board assembly industry. With state-of-the-art BGA placement equipment, high-precision BGA assembly processes, cutting-edge X-ray inspection equipment, and highly customizable complete PCB assembly solutions, you can rely on us to build high-quality and high-yield BGA boards

Advantages of BGA PCB Assembly

1. High Density

PCB manufacturers faced many issues, and bridging of pins is one of them. BGA overcomes this issue, as solder balls offer the appropriate soldering required for holding the package. These solder balls are placed close to one another; this strengthens the interconnections and reduces the footprint of the PCB. High-density connections by BGA components makes effective use of the area on the PCB.

High Density

2. Thermal Conductivity

Another advantage of BGA packaging technology over other packaging technologies with discrete pins (eg, pin-containing packaging technology) is the lower thermal impedance between the package and the PCB. This allows the heat generated by the integrated circuit in the package to be more easily conducted to the PCB, preventing the chip from overheating.

Advantages of BGA PCB Assembly

3. Low Inductance Pins

Shorter conductors also mean that unnecessary inductance can be reduced, a characteristic that can cause unwanted signal distortion in high-speed electronic circuits. BGA packaging technology, the distance between the package and the PCB is very short, and with low inductance pins, it can have better electronic characteristics than pin devices.

Low inductance pins

BGA Assembly Capabilities

1. Types of BGA PCB: Micro Ball Grid Array (µBGA), Thin Chip Array Ball Grid Array (CTBGA), Chip Array Ball Grid Array (CABGA), Very Thin Chip Array Ball Grid Array (CVBGA), Very Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array (VFBGA), Land Grid Array (LGA), Chip scale Package (CSP) and Wafer level chip scale packaging (WLCSP).
2. BGA Assembly size: The minimum pitch size of our assembled BGA is 0.25mm.
3. BGA PCB testing protocols: We mostly use X-ray inspection for analyzing the features of BGA PCBs. This technique is known as XRD in the industry and relies on X-rays for unveiling the hidden features of this PCB.
4. BGA rework: we can assist you with BGA rework and BGA reballing at an affordable price! We follow five basic steps to perform BGA rework: component removal, site preparation, solder paste application, BGA replacement, and Reflow Soldering.

Types of BGA PCB
BGA Assembly size
BGA PCB testing protocols

Professional BGA PCB Assembly Supplier

Delivery on time

We own a 4,000 square meters workshop, and are equipped with 7 fully automatic SMT placement lines and 2 DIP assembly lines. whether you are looking at a full production run or SMT PCB prototypes, you are assured of are quick turnaround times.

Equipped with Advanced SMT Assembly Equipment

We have 7 fully automatic SMT production lines to ensure high precision and high yield of assembly, and we have the latest equipment including high-speed Yamaha placement machines, reflow ovens, X-ray and online AOI inspection systems, etc.

BGA Testing Process

Due to the complicated solder quality inspection of BGA packages, and the solder balls are located under the chip, the traditional optical method cannot insist on whether the solder joints are inspected or void. For BGA components in the SMT assembly process, kingford usually chooses electrical testing. , a combination of automated X-ray inspection and other methods to provide inspection accuracy.

Professional customer service team

We have a complete and user-friendly pre-sales and post-sales management system, which can quickly and comprehensively respond to the individual needs of customers, and provide customers with technical support, production operations and order services 24 hours a day.


Q: What is BGA assembly?
A: BGA or Ball Grid Array is a high-density PCB packaging technology that is used extensively for Integrated Circuits. With the precision component placement that it offers, it is a popular Surface Mount packaging.

Q: What are the advantages of BGA PCB Assembly?
A: BGA packages offer higher pin density, lower thermal resistance, and lower inductance than other types of packages.

Q: Do you offer custom quote for BGA Printed Circuit Board?
A: Yes, all you need to do is share your exact BGA assembly requirements at Request Quote Form, and we will review it and get back to you with custom quotes!

Q: What are some of the factors that affect the quality of BGA Assembly?
A: Factors Affecting the Quality of BGA Assembly including Solder Paste Printing, Positioning Accuracy, Feasibility of BGA Pad Design, Soldering Temperature Curve and Soldering Defects, BGA Inspection and Rework Technologies and BGA Assembly at Nice Price.

Q: What kind of testing do you do for BGA Printed Circuit Board assembly?
A: For BGA Printed Circuit Board assembly, we have stringent testing protocols including X-ray inspection, Functional Testing and Automated Optical Inspection.

Q: Do you conduct a design for manufacturability test for Ball Grid Array Assembly?
A: Yes, of course. We conduct a careful DFM check to develop an optimized thermal profile.

Q: How does BGA soldering work?
A: For BGA soldering, the solder balls on the package have a very carefully controlled amount of solder, and when heated in the soldering process, the solder melts. Surface tension causes the molten solder to hold the package in the correct alignment with the circuit board, while the solder cools and solidifies.

Q: Can you offer BGA assemblies in quick turnaround time?
A: Yes, absolutely! We are committed to offering quick turnaround times. Although it would be depending on your requirement, complexity of products and quantity as well.

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