Voltage monitor

Voltage monitor

The voltage monitor is a statistical monitor that continuously monitors and counts the voltage deviation caused by the slow change of the normal operating state of the power system. The voltage monitor has the functions of monitoring, analysis, memory, query, parameter setting, etc. It supports GSM short message, GPRS network, substation Ethernet networking, radio station, and RS485 networking scheme.


  • · Real-time voltage display status: display date, time, instantaneous value and status of each voltage
  • · Query the year/month/day statistics of each voltage, including: total running time, average voltage, qualified time, qualified rate, time over upper limit, over upper limit rate, over lower limit time, over lower limit rate, maximum voltage value, maximum The time when the voltage appears, the minimum voltage value, the time when the minimum voltage appears, the number of power outages, and the total time of the outage
  • · Query the power loss records of each voltage, including: power loss time, recovery time
Voltage monitor


Voltage monitoring chip INA219
Material fiberglass cloth
Layers 2 layers
Plate thickness 1.6mm
Surface treatment lead-free spray paint
Voltage monitor PCB Assembly
Voltage monitor PCB Assembly
Voltage monitor PCB Assembly


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