The oximeter detects blood oxygen. Monitoring blood oxygen is a non-invasive operation, which can effectively monitor the blood oxygen in the body and play a key role in predicting changes in the condition. The main measurement indicators of the oximeter are pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, and perfusion index (PI).

Problems encountered in assembling the oximeter

  • · A wide variety of oximeters are sold to various countries, and different programs and languages ​​need to be burned. It is very important that multiple programs of the same batch of orders need to be marked on the MCU to prevent foolishness;
  • · The soldering of the oximeter display cable needs thick tin and high temperature, otherwise the cable part will be badly tinned;
  • · he assembly of the oximeter housing needs to control the height of the photoelectric sensor components. The device needs to be cut to the specified height before soldering, otherwise the housing cannot be fastened if the height is exceeded.


Product name integrated finger clip for oximeter
Main control chip model STM32
Material FR4
Number of layers 2-4Layers
Board thickness 1.6mm
Application field medical electronics field
Oximeter PCB Assembly
Oximeter PCB Assembly


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As a PCBA manufacturing service provider, KingFord can provide one-stop services from design, manufacturing to PCB assembly of medical equipment solutions. After obtaining the customer information, we will process the data and send EQ as soon as possible, arrange the production of PCBs, order components, and assemble when all the materials are available, SMD-AOI-DIP-PACKAGE-SHIPPING

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What services can KingFord provide?

KINGFORD has medical product assembly qualification ISO13485. In addition to ventilators, we also provide oximeters, nebulizers, and transcranial Doppler system main control board assembly. At present, it maintains the annual output of 300,0000 PCS to all countries in the world, and makes a small contribution to the epidemic that is still unresolved.

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