I/O Controller

I/O Controller

Since the CPU cannot directly control the mechanical parts of the I/O device, the I/O device also needs to have an electronic part as an "intermediary" between the CPU and the mechanical parts of the I/O device, which is used to realize the control of the device by the CPU. The electronic component is the I/O controller, also known as the device controller.
The I/O controller is the most basic control system that controls the input and output of the computer. It can instruct the various components of the computer to coordinate the work according to the functional requirements of the instructions. It consists of three parts: instruction register IR (InstructionRegister), program counter PC (ProgramCounter) and operation controller OC (OperationController), which is extremely important for coordinating the orderly work of the entire computer.


  • · l Receiving device CPU instructions: CPU read and write instructions and parameters are stored in the control register
  • · l Report the status of the device to the CPU: There will be a corresponding status register in the I/O controller to record the current status of the I/O device. (For example, 1 means the device is busy, 0 means the device is ready)
  • · l Data exchange: data register, which temporarily stores the data sent by the CPU and the data sent by the device, and then sends the data to the control register or CPU.
  • · l Address recognition: Similar to the memory address, in order to distinguish each register in the device controller, it is necessary to set a specific address for each register. The I/O controller uses the address provided by the CPU to determine which register the CPU wants to read and write.
I/O Controller


I/O controller chip CH423
Material FR-4
Layers 2 layers
Plate thickness 1.6mm
Surface treatment HASL
I/O Controller PCB Assembly
I/O Controller PCB Assembly


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