Industrial Control PCBA

Industrial Control PCBA

For more than 20 years, kingford has been cooperating with various customers in industrial market segments, from sensors, alternative energy regulation systems, power monitoring systems, industrial control and other products, and is committed to providing customers with a series of high-quality industrial control PCB production and # industrial control PCB assembly services.


Product Name 0201 package patch
Material Rf-4
Number of floors 4
Plate thickness 1.6mm
Line width and line spacing 0.3/0.3mm
Surface treatment lead-free tin spraying
Application field Internet of things
Industrial Control PCBA
Industrial Control PCBA
Industrial Control PCBA
Industrial Control PCBA


Advantages of KingFord

As a PCBA manufacturing service provider, KingFord can provide one-stop services from design, manufacturing to PCB assembly of medical equipment solutions. After obtaining the customer information, we will process the data and send EQ as soon as possible, arrange the production of PCBs, order components, and assemble when all the materials are available, SMD-AOI-DIP-PACKAGE-SHIPPING

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What services can KingFord provide?

KINGFORD has medical product assembly qualification ISO13485. In addition to ventilators, we also provide oximeters, nebulizers, and transcranial Doppler system main control board assembly. At present, it maintains the annual output of 300,0000 PCS to all countries in the world, and makes a small contribution to the epidemic that is still unresolved.

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One-stop PCBA manufacturing service.

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