(占位置)Communication pcba board is a kind of PCBA, mainly used in wireless network, transmission network, data communication and fixed network broadband, manufacturing base station equipment, OTN transmission equipment, routers, switches, servers, OLT, ONU and other fields and other equipment. High-speed multilayer boards and high-frequency microwave boards are the main products.


  • · Lead and lead-free soldering of elements
  • · SMD and DIP assembly
  • · Installing BGA packages
  • · Flexible PCB Mounting
  • · Mounting on aluminum plates
  • · Manufacturing of cables, cable assemblies and loops
  • · Assembling products into the case


Product Category: PCBA OEM
SMT placement daily production capacity 8 million points
BGA placement capability 0.3mm ball pitch
Reflow soldering temperature zone Nitrogen ten temperature zone reflow soldering
Mounting component size 01005~45mm*45mm (IC)
Maximum pasteable and ovenable size 810mm*450mm
AOI test height limit surface <28mm, bottom surface <75mm
DIP welding assembly daily production capacity 100,000 points
SMT production lines 7
Length of test assembly line 16m
Ultrasonic assembly support
DIP welding assembly line 6
The maximum size of the three anti-paint machine spray 40cm*40cm
ICT test: support


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Our strict quality control system

We have been focusing on the production of small batches and automotive PCB assembly for the automotive industry, and focused on "prototype and small batch production." We have IATF16949, ISO9001, etc., and control quality through SMT process, DPPM and IPC-3.

Automotive electronics PCB assembly applications

We develop unique electronic devices and hardware and software complexes within the R&D framework of the OEM market. We understand the electronics market very well, and assure our customers that the products and equipment we manufacture will meet market trends. The PCB assembly we use for automotive products is widely used in the following categories: automotive VCU main control, automotive video system, automotive stepping control PCB assembly, automotive Kick sensing PCB assembly and automotive lighting, etc.

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