ECG monitor

ECG monitor

ECG monitoring is a means of monitoring the electrical activity of the heart. Ordinary ECG can only simply observe the short-term electrical activity at the time when the ECG is traced. ECG monitoring is a non-invasive monitoring method that continuously observes and monitors the electrical activity of the heart through the display screen. It can observe the condition in time, provide reliable and valuable indicators of ECG activity, and guide real-time processing. Patients with abnormal activities, such as acute myocardial infarction and various arrhythmias, have important use value.


  • · There are many types of heart monitoring systems, generally including ECG oscilloscope screens, recording devices, heart rate alarms and arrhythmia alarms, which can continuously monitor changes in heart rate and heart rhythm.
  • · This device can be a single host or multiple extensions to form a network to set up a supervisor's guard station. It can also be connected by wires or through wireless telemetry.
  • · The recording part can be controlled automatically or by the guardian. The monitoring system can automatically alarm and record abnormal conditions (such as heart rate <60, >100 beats/min and/or arrhythmia) according to preset values, for reference and analysis by professionals.
ECG monitor


ECG chip AD823X
Number of layers double layers
Copper thickness 1oz
PCB board thickness 1.6mm
Surface treatment ENIG
ECG monitor pcba assembly
ECG monitor pcba assembly
ECG monitor pcba assembly
ECG monitor pcba assembly


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