What Is A PCBA Number? How To Find Your PCBA Number?

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The majority of the people are unfamiliar with their PCBA number, and most of them even lack knowledge about basic PCBs. PCBs highly contribute to the world of electronics, and you should have a basic knowledge about this technology if you consist of electronic devices or gadgets. Even if you are not familiar with these terms, then we are here to provide you with our services. We will walk you through the basics of the PCBs and guide you to the advanced level of knowledge that you must need. We have crafted this article in such a way that by the end of it, you will be confident about this PCB technology, you will know about the PCBA number, and you will know the tactic of finding out the PCBA number of your electronic device. Keep reading this article till the end to get the best out of it.

As promised at the start of the article, we will start with the basics.

What is PCB?

Printed circuit boards, commonly known as PCBs, are the name of the bare board which mechanically supports the components that will be integrated after going through the assembly process. These integrated components are electronic components that use the conductive pads in shape designed to allow the connection of component's terminals and let these terminals electrically connect them using traces, planes, and other functions etched from one or more sheet layers of copper laminated onto and/or sandwiched between sheet layers of a non-conductive substrate.

So, this was all the basic level of information that you need to know about PCBs. Let's proceed further.

What is PCBA?

PCBA, Printed circuit board assembly, is already self-explanatory. It consists of assembling the PCBs and integrating all the essential components. The PCBs have to go through some steps that we are going to give a brief overview about to be assembled:

  • Solder paste has been applied to the PCBs by the use of stencils.
  • The components have been placed on the PCBs.
  • The comments are then integrated into the board by melting the solder paste.
  • Tests have been performed after the components have been set up on the board to make sure that there are no short circuits.
  • The PTH (plated through holes) is then fixed on the board by manual or wave soldering.
  • The final stage of assembling consists of running them through tests again. The inefficient PCBs are discarded, and the stack of efficient PCBs is packed and then shipped.

These were the basic steps to assembling the PCBs; if you need to know about the in-detailed steps for the PCB assembly, you can check out the other articles on our website. But as of now, this is all you need to know for the basic level of understanding of PCBA and the process.

After covering these basics of PCBs, you might wonder about the PCBA number. You must have heard about it from somewhere, but we guess that you are not familiar with them. Worry not; we will explain it all to you. Read on!

What is a PCBA number?

We have mentioned several times in our article till now that PCBs and PCBA play an essential role in the world of electronics. And in this part of the article, we will explore the reason behind it.

What’s a motherboard?

So, your all-electronic devices consist of a motherboard. We all have studied about a motherboard in our elementary schools, but if you can't recall it, we've got you. A motherboard is a PCB itself, which consists of multiple useful components that help you to operate your electronic device. Have you ever wondered why it’s called a motherboard? It’s because, without it, your devices can’t be operated. It’s the brain of your electronic device.


How is the motherboard related to the PCBA number?

When your motherboard, that's a PCB itself, has been manufactured, it's unique on its own. The useful components that have been integrated into them are assembled by going through the assembly process. That's where your PCBA number appears. After your PCBs are done getting assembled, a unique number has also been printed on the board. This number is unique on its own, and there can't be two PCBA numbers alike in the world. PCBA number is also known as IMEI number (International mobile equipment identity), and it is usually a 15-digit code. There are reasons why this number is unique, and there are several uses of this PCBA number that we are going to discuss below.

Why do we need the PCBA number?

There must be some reasons why the manufacturers of the PCBA have made your PCBA number distinct and unique. Let’s explore these reasons and uses of this number and find out what’s so important about it. There are two significant uses of a PCBA number:

  • Tracking of your phone:

Let's create a scenario here for a better understanding of this point. For example, you have lost your mobile phone, or it has been misplaced. And consider that you can't find it by the GPS or by the use of the internet. And even if you can't trace your sim card, the last option that you get is the PCBA number. Several online portals are powered by the government itself to help you out with the phone tracking through your PCBA code. You can enter your code there, and this software will help you to find your lost mobile phone.

  • Unlock a phone:

Let's make another scenario here. For example, you have forgotten your mobile phone's password, and you can't recall it even after so many tries. If you know your PCB code, you can take your mobile phone to a mobile expert and tell them your PCB code; they will use that code to unlock the device. The mobile will be reset afterward, and you can easily access your mobile phone again,

These were two main factors that demand you to know your PCBA code before anything like this happens. But the question that arises here is, "How can I know my PCBA number?" Let's find out!

How to find your PCBA number?

It's essential to know your PCBA number, and it will be beneficial for you in the future. But how'd we find it? The first idea that must've struck your mind after you are done questioning yourself must be searching out for the motherboard. And for that, you need to open up your whole mobile set and take a magnifying glass to start searching out the "number" on the PCB. And in the end, even after you succeed in finding out the numbers, you might not be sure if they specifically belong to the PCB number. Moreover, you would end up losing all the market value of your electronic device as we can tell that the struggle is very much real in this case, and you can't afford the damages that this process is going to do to your electronic device. So, our question remains the same. How do we find our PCB number most efficiently?

Fortunately, there is an extremely easy and efficient way to find out about your PCB number. Some of the mobile phone manufacturers like OPPO and OnePlus are providing you the facility to find out about your PCB number in a matter of seconds. 

What’s the process?

Here are the basic steps:

  • Go to your phone application and open up your dial box.
  • Now, dial *#888# on the dial box
  • In a matter of seconds, your mobile phone will redirect you to the Engineer mode.
  • Your PCB code in digits and QR will be displayed on that engineering mode

Although some of the manufacturers are providing this facility, even if this procedure isn't supported by your phone's brand, you can visit their official websites. You can fill out the details of your mobile phone there, and most probably, they will tell you about your PCB code in both digit and QR form.

Is it safe to give out your PCB number to someone?

Usually, one question arises in the user's mind about sharing their PCB code/number with someone. The answer to this question is; that it's a very risky step to take. From the seller's side, giving out an IMEI number is a gigantic mistake. You can lose your device's ease of use to hackers after giving the IMEI out to criminals masquerading as potential bidders. The most secure bet is to just give the IMEI number to somebody who has proactively paid for the telephone.


To conclude this article, we can say that knowing your PCB number is a clever move to prepare yourself for the future. You can always trace your mobile phone when it's lost. Moreover, you don't have to struggle at all to know about your PCB codes; simply follow the above-given steps and procedures. But, always protect your PCB code from strangers as they can exploit your activities by using this code. And this was all you need to know about PCBA numbers. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact KingfordPCBA.


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