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What Does PCB Mount Mean?

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If you have been using electronic devices in your daily lives, have you ever wondered about the backend technology which has been “fuelling” your device? We have used the word “fuelling” here to emphasize the importance of the backend functionalities. Without them, your devices are nothing but dummies. And if you are curious to know about them, we are here with our services. We will be discussing one of the major topics in our article today. It would help you understand the technology used at the backends of our electronic devices. We will be discussing PCBs and PCB mounts. We have crafted this article in such a way that by the end of it, you will have enough knowledge about PCBs and all the aspects that are related to them. Therefore, we will advise you to read our article till the end to get the best out of it. Read on!

Let’s start with a brief overview of PCB.

What are PCBs?

Printed circuit boards that are also known as PCBs, are simple, the bare board that gives the mechanical support to the components that are meant to be embedded in them after going through the assembly process. The embedded components are the electronic components that use the conductive pads in a particular shape specially crafted to permit the connection of component's terminals and allow these terminals to electrically connect them by the use of components including traces, planes, and other features etched from one or more sheet layers of copper. Copper is laminated onto sheet layers of a non-conductive substrate in the case of PCB.

A PCB is the brain of the keyboard. When you press on the keyboard, the information is immediately transferred to the computer and is delivered by this component, just like your brain transfers signals to different parts of the body after receiving stimulus from certain receptors.

What does PCB mount mean?

Most people are unfamiliar with PCB mounts, even if they know about the basics of PCBs in general. It's because a very limited amount of information can be found on the internet about this phenomenon. But we will be covering this part in-depth to help you remove all the misconceptions about the PCB mount that you already have. Moreover, we will compare it with other aspects related to PCBs. Let's have a look at it.

In the case of PCB mounted, the switch is mounted directly to the printed circuit board. Moreover, the switch has additional guide pins that are attached to PCB to help the switch fully align with PCB. In the case of a PCB mount, specifically, a switch is mounted on the PCB. The switches that are meant to be mounted on the PCB usually come with five pins. When you look at the switch from the bottom angle, you will get to see about five pieces in total. And these five pieces are made from the following material:

  • Two metal pins
  • Two plastic pins
  • One central pin

The two metal pins help the switch for the flow of electricity and help in its functionality. Two plastic pins help the switch to align with the printed circuit board. Therefore, the main purpose of these plastic pins is to provide stability to switch. And the central pin acts as the knob to the switch. It is comparatively large than the metal and plastic pins.

These switches can be soldered and mounted directly on the printed circuit board, just like the other components. Thus, mounting a switch on your circuit board isn't as complicated as the PCBA (printed circuit board assembly).

The switches generally come with guiding pins to help in mounting the switch to the PCB. But mounting these switches has a lighter feel, and the pins can bounce a bit more. The PCB mounting style is more compatible with smaller keyboards as they tend to flex less and need less structure and support to hold together.

So this was the basic concept of PCB mounting, but many people confuse it with Plate mounting. We don't blame you, as these phenomena are pretty confusing in general. But don't worry; we will try our best to make it crystal clear for you.


Plate-Mounting VS PCB-Mounting

Before we begin with the comparison, first, let’s have a look at what is considered a plate in the world. 

What’s a plate?

The plate mount is added on top of the PCB for additional help; this keeps the console from flexing and gives some additional strength. Few out of every odd console has this part. This is the very thing that the primary distinction between the two kinds of switch-mounted setups is if they have this plate.

Now, let’s have an overview of plate mounting.

What is Plate-mounting?

In simpler words, we can define the plate-mounting process by considering the below paragraph.

The switch is mounted to a metal plate with the PCB under the plate. The switch doesn't have extra aide pins as the plate gets and adjusts the switches. The plate gives a stronger console yet increments creation costs.

Plate-mounting includes introducing the switches to a metal plate that is over the PCB. The switches are then bound to the PCB after getting installed on the metal plate. The plate permits the console to feel more built up and stable with a heavier feel.

These plates are frequently utilized with bigger consoles to offer more help because of the additional size; the console will, in general, flex more. The plate likewise adds greater inflexibility to the console and helps keep all that better gotten.

How does the plate mounting differ from PCB mounting?

The critical distinction between these two sorts of switches is how they are planned to be mounted. Contingent upon that reality, they will be fabricated with marginally various elements.

The plate mounting differs from PCB mountings in several cases. But in most cases, your plate-mounting is considered more efficient and compatible. 

The switches have one significant distinction from the PCB mounted style; they needn't bother with the extra directing pins since they are introduced into the plate rather than straightforwardly to the PCB. Simply remember, when you patch the switches, the plate will be truly challenging to eliminate.

You should eliminate the switch to remove the plate and yet again patch each change back to the PCB once more. Assuming that you anticipate making bunches of alterations and changes, this probably won't be the correct style for you.

By and large, the plate-mounted keyboards are better and will generally endure longer.

Certain individuals partake in the finger-feel of this way of mounting since it makes the keys more steady and less rough. Simply remember, this setup is commonly more costly because of the additional parts and get-together.


One-on-one comparison of plate mounting with PCB mounting:

But if you want some simpler differences between these two types of mounting, we can make it simpler for you. Keep reading:

  1. Pins:

In the case of plate mounting, you don need any pins for the mounting process. But as we have discussed before, too, your PCB mounting requires pins to be set up on the keyboard.

  1. Level of preferences for different types of keyboards:

As plate-mounting is preferred in the electronic marketplace, they are also considered efficient. Therefore, they are preferred for large and advanced keyboards. However, in the case of PCB mounts, they are usually preferred for small keyboards.

  1. Cost:

We have discussed many times in the article that plate mounting is always preferred over PCB mounting. Therefore, the cost of the plate mounting is high compared to the PCB mounting. Moreover, as plate-mounting is preferred for large keyboards, that automatically makes it more expensive.

  1. Conversion:

It is to be noted that after you have done the plate mounting, you cannot change it or convert it to PCB mounting. Even the plates, after being fixed, are not easy to move. However, if you have PCB mounting, you can get it converted to plate mounting. That’s where the PCB mounting comes in handy. 

  1. Modification:

Another aspect that you have to consider before getting any type of mounting is the modification. Considering the plate mounting, it is harder to modify compared to PCB mounting. Your PCB mounting can easily be modified.

  1. Quality:

Plate-mounting is always in higher demand due to its exceptional quality. It is to be noted that PCB is mounting despite considering the facts like its modification and its ability of conversion, usually come in lesser quality.

Final thought:

So, now we have come to the conclusion of our topic research. We have discussed the PCB mount and how it differentiates from the Plate mounting. Many people confuse between these phenomena as they both are used for the same purpose. But we have tried our best to make it as clear to you as possible. Moreover, in today's world, plate mounting is preferred over PCB mounting, and we have also discussed the reasons why it is so.


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