Top 10 PCB Manufacturers In The World in 2022

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The job of the printed circuit board PCB is to provide power and connect components, which is enough to see how important the role of the PCB manufacturing company is for electronic technology companies. You can refer to the list of electronic circuit manufacturing companies in China that we summarize in the following article to find suitable and reputable companies.

Victory PCB

In the list of pcb board manufacturing companies in China, it is impossible not to mention Victory PCB company leading in the field of manufacturing pcb, and pcb assembly. Since 2005 this company is providing excellent services with high quality printed circuit board. You can order range of pcbs according to your requirement.

The company is constantly searching, cultivating and applying the latest quality management systems. Victory PCB is always grateful to entrepreneurs who have trusted the company.

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PCB manufacturer


PCBMAY is one of the pcb manufacturing companies with high working style and ability to learn and improve. Although still young, with more than 8 years of experience, the company has achieved a lot of success in the field of PCB design and manufacturing package services for many partner companies.

With the mission of manufacturing PCBs branded as made in China, it has constantly created products with sustainable value for the community.


JLCPCB is a pcb manufacturing company in China specializing in providing pcb manufacturing services. It has a huge setup where you can get electronic board both in bulk and low volume.


PCB manufacturing company in China- PCB GOGO accepts to provide PCB design and manufacturing services, draw circuit boards on demand and trade in other electronic and information technology devices. It is currently a partner of many large companies, whose products are trusted and used in large and small domestic companies. The motto of PCB GOGO is fast - prestige - quality, ensuring customer satisfaction.

KingFord PCBA

In the list of electronic circuit manufacturing companies in China, it is impossible not to mention Kingford PCBA. Operating since 1999, Kingford PCBA is an undisputedly reliable brand with high quality and affordable prices. As a long-time trusted address of many companies, it has been implementing many large and small projects at home and abroad, receiving processing of printed circuits from 2 to 14 layers and many other electronic components.


As one of the leading pcb manufacturing companies in China, the company was founded in China and specializes in providing PCB boad fabrication and PCB assembly services. The company's product lines are produced in an environmentally friendly manner, safe for users and reduce the consumption of chemicals and energy in the production process.

PCB Online China

This company has more than 13 years of experience in the field of technology, electronics and automation. This is one of the reputable quality pcb manufacturing companies. Customer receives high quality printed circuit products, with products imported from large-scale companies, meeting good quality criteria.

The company provides services from ordering printed circuits, ordering electronic components, soldering and soldering SMT and processing printed circuits of electronic circuit boards.


The leading electronic circuit board manufacturing company in China PCBWAY specializes in providing PCB design and manufacturing services, drawing circuit boards according to requirements and trading information technology and electronic equipment.

 The company is currently a reliable partner of many large companies and enterprises, with products that are trusted to be used in large and small companies at home and abroad. Besides, the working motto of PCBWAY is prestige - quality - fast, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.


RayPCB has many years of experience in electronic manufacturing, automation and technology.

As one of the leading reputable high-quality electronic circuit board manufacturing companies. The company specializes in supplying printed circuit products with high quality, and the products are used by large-scale companies and enterprises, meeting good quality standards.

The company specializes in providing services from ordering printed circuits, SMT soldering, ordering electronic components and processing printed circuits to high quality electronic circuit boards.


4PCB is a company that offers PCB prototyping and assembly services in small and medium quantities. It is also based in Shenzhen, China. They are offering 5 basic PCBs for free and you only pay the shipping. A basic order with 10 PCBs jumps to $10.6 plus shipping at the time of writing!

 It is constantly seek to improve our technology, to provide you with the best prices, with continuous evolution of quality and agility in production.



Which factors are important to choose PCB?

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1 layer PCB

Single layer PCBs are most used because of their ease of design and fabrication. One side of the PCB is covered with a layer of any conductive material and is also used as a conductive material for the PCB, because copper has very good conductive properties. A layer of solder covers the top to protect the PCB against oxidation.

1 layer PCB

Next is the silkscreen printing to mark all the components on the PCB. In this type of PCB, only one side is used to connect different types of electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc., and these components are soldered.

Single-layer PCBs are used in applications that require low-cost and high-volume production such as computers, radios, printers, and electronic hard drives.

2 layers PCB

Double-layer PCB is also known as double-sided PCB. This type of PCB is quite flexible, the cost is relatively lower, and the most important advantage is the reduced size which makes the circuit compact. This type of PCB is mainly used in industrial control, converter, UPS system, HVAC application, telephone, amplifier and power monitoring system.

Multilayer PCB

Multilayer PCB is a type of PCB with at least three copper conductive layers. The board glue is sandwiched between the insulation layers to ensure that the heat generated will not damage any components of the circuit. This type of PCB is very complex, so it is often used in complex applications with compact circuits and tight spaces.

This type of PCB is used in applications such as GPS technology, satellite systems, medical devices, file servers, and data storage.

Flexible PCB

Flexible PCB is also known as Flex circuit. This type of PCB uses a flexible material such as polymide, PEEK (polyether ether ketone) or transparent conductive polyester film. This is very complex type of PCB and it also contains different layers like single sided flex circuit, double sided flex circuit and multi sided flex circuit.

Flex circuits are used in organic light-emitting diodes, LCD fabrication, flex solar cells, the automotive industries, cell phones, cameras, and complex electronic devices such as laptops.


Rigid PCBs are made of solid materials so PCBs cannot twist. Similar to flexible PCB, rigid PCB also has different number of layers such as single layer, double layer and multi layer. This PCB cannot be bent, that's why this PCB is called rigid PCB.

The lifespan of this type of PCB is very long, so it is used in many computer parts such as RAM, GPU and CPU.

Flexible + rigid PCB

A combination of flexible PCB and rigid PCB, consisting of layers of flexible PCB attached to multiple layers of rigid PCB. It is used in cell phones, digital cameras and automobiles…

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Through-hole PCB

In this type of PCB, we have to make holes by drilling on the PCB. In these holes, the components' leads are attached and soldered to pads located on opposite sides of the PCB. This technology is useful because it gives more mechanical support to electronic components and is a reliable technology for mounting components, but drilling in PCBs increases the cost.

With single-layer PCB, this installation technology is easy to implement, but with 2-layer and multi-layer PCB, it is more difficult.

Surface Mount PCB

In this type of PCB, the components are small in size because their pins are very small or do not need pins to mount on the board. SMD components are mounted directly to the surface of the board and do not require holes in the board.


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