How Much Does It Cost To Make PCB Board?

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A printed circuit board is a dielectric plate with electrically conductive circuits of an electronic circuit. It is designed to connect different components using electronic soldering or mechanical connections.

 The price of a printed circuit board depends on its dimensions, the number of layers, the type and thickness of the material, the method of processing the workpiece and other characteristics.

Average Cost of PCB Manufacturing

In general, the cost of a PCB is between $10 - $50 per board. The actual price can be calculated by the higher or lower based of board, size, and type of material. Sometimes, the cost of smaller boards like calculators, tabs and smartphones or other complicated devices can be more due to excess of labor work.

There are some types of PCB

Single layer PCB, it is simple, common, cohesive operating system used to interconnect electronic components. Double layer PCB is made of two layers and both are connected via PTH (plated Through Hole). It is complex than single layer PCB. Multi-layer PCB, it has more than two layers and each layer can connect through PTH. It is more complex than single side or double side PCB.

What factors impact the cost of pcb board?

If we talk about its shape, design and size it directly affect the cost. Rectangular and square are standard PCB shapes and cheap than other non-standard shapes. Bigger PCB boards charge more than smaller one because earlier captioned need several layers and more time to manufacture. It also has some tiny holes which cause to increase its price.

Automated machines and latest technology is required to prepare such type of boards. We can never compromise about professional and skilled staff, going to handle latest machinery. We can never afford to hire inexperienced labour to prepare such a high quality complex electronic boards. So these things make it costly.


What increase the cost of PCB?

PCBs are made out of different materials like fiberglass, polymer inks, and solder. Commonly, Silver is used on PCB conductive layers. Materials like solder, polymer inks and fiberglass can affect the way the board reacts to heat. PCBs require high grade material like gold or silver for higher frequencies which increase the cost of PCB.

PCB, cost depends on the areas in which these boards are made. Skilled labor and automated machinery involves in manufacturing PCB, The labor costs can be different according to geographical location. Therefore, companies manufacture PCBs in cheap labor areas.

During manufacturing, higher demands of PCB result in lower costs due to its quantity. In other words, when these PCBS are made at a larger demand, the unit price of each PCB decreases.

Larger demands of PCBs can save companies money by preventing one-time costs that don’t need to be recreated. Therefore, we should always prefer manufacturers that can create PCBs in large quantity and in local areas.

For example, if you hire a PCB manufacturer in the USA, which is close to your location, will reduce the cost, because of low shipping prices. But, you might also find an overseas manufacturer that offers a lower price. Observe all factors according to your budget and location before seeking any manufacturer.

How does quantity of pcb board reduce manufacturing cost?

Quantity also affects its price. If someone needs these boards in bulk, it will make it cheaper because shipping charges affect the price directly.

A single piece makes it’s shipping costly and bulk manage it. Such electronic devices are very fragile and needs more care during shipping so delicate packaging material is used. Sometimes, they are delivered with their components so can be expensive. Usually a PCB board cost 10$ t0 50$.

Defining Board Tasks

We select the type of board depending on the final functionality, the required dimensions and location in the device. We calculate the final cost of the work, which will not change since the announcement. If the cost and terms suit you, then we proceed to the preparation

Preparation for manufacturing

When developing from scratch, a template is prepared, as well as a program for the machine. In the presence of ready-made stencils or analogs, the preparation procedure differs slightly

Production of printed circuit boards

For relatively small volumes of orders, we carry out manual soldering. If the economies of scale bring tangible savings, then it makes sense to talk about automatic soldering.


The cost of the order depends on:

  • 01accuracy class
  • 03board sizes
  • 05thickness of material and copper
  • 02materials
  • 04number of layers
  • 06batch size

There are pricing patterns that apply to PCB manufacturing that you can take into account in advance. We divide these factors into technical and commercial ones.
Technical parameters
In terms of the degree of influence on the cost of manufacturing printed circuit boards, there are: significantly influencing, affecting in an average degree and affecting weakly.

I. Order parameters that have a significant impact on prices for assembly of printed circuit boards:

  • dielectric material;
  • number of layers;
  • drilling / plating cycles (quantity);

II. To a moderate extent, these factors influence:

  • conductor / gap;
  • diameter and number of holes;
  • the thickness of the plated gold plating of the printed connector;
  • PCB and copper foil thickness;
  • Tightness of tolerances for board parameters.

III. Weakly affect pricing:

  • silkscreen parameters (color, number of characters, line thickness, font);
  • carbon coating, solder mask;
  • Type of coverage of contact pads.

Commercial factors

  • Urgency of production.
  • Volume. The price of 1 sq. Dm of a printed circuit board depends on the total area of ​​the order - with an increase in the latter, it decreases.

Please note: The cost of preparing a printed circuit board for production does not depend on the total area of ​​the order. When re-ordering, preparation is not paid.



There are several factors that affect the cost of manufacturing a printed circuit board.

  • Order volume

The larger the total area of ​​printed circuit boards of one type, the less cost each individual board is to the customer. Orders with a volume (area) of less than 100 dm2 will cost significantly more than larger projects (per 1 dm2)

  • The complexity of the technical task

Manufacturing typical printed circuit boards at a price will cost significantly less than the development and production of the latest high-tech boards for a unique project.

  • Applied technological processes and materials: base material, printed circuit board thickness, foil thickness, types and methods of control, etc.
  • Terms of the customer

The urgency of the order also significantly affects the total cost of production.

The price level is one of the primary criteria when choosing a supplier. Let's take a look at the factors that influence the cost of manufacturing PCBs and find out some secrets to help you save money.

The Price of PCB Raw Materials

The price of raw materials and materials, such as sheet metal, varies greatly from supplier to supplier. This year there has been a significant increase in prices for copper foil. The thickness of the sheet affects the price. Some manufacturers reduce the cost of production by replacing the gold coating of the panels with tin sputtering.

Well-established relations with reliable suppliers of material resources allow our organization to stabilize the costs of raw materials and components, to make the necessary stocks at favorable wholesale prices.

The cost is also influenced by the technological features of the order: the number of holes in the boards and their diameter, the density of wires, the width of the lines, and the size of the line spacing. More delicate work requires more labor.

One of the possible ways to reduce the cost of an order is to combine into one file a set of several boards of the same thickness and structure. In this case, one photomask is created per set, which leads to savings. 

Where to get best low cost pcb manufacturing services?

KINGFORD is a place where you get best quality PCB boards at very competitive prices. Before seeking out PCB manufacturer, you should observe at more than the price then choosing PCB manufactures. First complete your investigation on manufacturers and never demand telephone PCBS from the manufacturer who is specialize in washing boards.

 When you get a PCB manufacturer who meets your requirements, then you should observe high-quality boards according to your budget. Provide as much information as possible about your demand so the manufacturer can give you a realistic product.


The cost of creating PCBs is affected by many factors. It is important that you choose a manufacturer that meets your requirements and budget. If you want PCBs on discount prices, try to order a PCB with a few unique parts from a firm with much time to complete the order.


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