Everything You Need to Know About What Is Substrate like PCB

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The printed circuit board substrate materials have a very important part that allows you to check the overall durability and the type of your printed circuit board. It should be brought to your notice that in recent times, engineers are now trying to work furthermore to build advanced technology. 

Various smart technology like mobile phones has now evolved. You can define the PCB substrate as something that is the future of those printed circuit boards that have a much higher density. 

Meanwhile, the term is somehow new to the majority of people. Hence, by the end of this article, you will be able to know more about what is substrate like pcb and how it functions. 

How can you define a substrate material in the printed circuit board? 

The first step to know before you move on the further understanding of what is substrate like pcb is to know what is meant by the substrate. The core definition of a substrate in the printed circuit board is any physical substance that can hold the bits and components together.

The first stage of doing so here is to first check and pick out the best substrate. Since we all are aware that a printed circuit board tends to have a shape and format that is why it needs something to get a hold of. For that, we have a substrate printed circuit board. 

What are the basic characteristics of the printed circuit board substrate? 

Different materials and the technical substances used for the manufacturing of the printed circuit board are there to offer good support and a promise of durability. This is because the performance of any electrical device depends upon the making of the circuit that concludes its overall performance of it. 

There are some major characteristics of the printed circuit board substrate that are also characterized as technical ones. Some of them are mentioned below.

Electrical permittivity

This is also called a dielectric constant and is denoted by the symbol “e”. This can show the strength of it to store the electrons in any available electric field. This technical characteristic is basic for the majority of the printed circuit board substrates that are often used in electronic gadgets.

You need to keep in mind that when a substrate has a high voltage of flow of current, it should be coated with double resistance to get at a similar level of capacitance. 

Thermal resistance

This is also named thermal conductivity. The main function of this is to transfer heat and has a unit of watts per every Kelvin meter. The use of the thermal conductivity or resistance can determine how much efficiency the material conducts the heat by the means of its volume.

The main point that you should always remember regarding thermal conductivity is that if the thermal resistance is too low, the chances for the heat to build surrounding the components are much higher. This can then forsake the proper functioning of the device since very high temperatures can damage them.



CTE is also called the coefficient of thermal expansion and the power of the material to renew the size that is relevant to the temperature at which it should be maintained.

At a similar temperature, it is most likely that the printed circuit board substrate that has a high coefficient of thermal expansion will be affected by the help of greater expansion as compared to the printed circuit board substrate with a much lower coefficient of thermal expansion.

It is directly proportional to the temperature. That is if the temperature increases the coefficient of thermal expansion will also increase and will cause various damages like cracks, minor chips, and much more. 

What is the necessity of a printed circuit board substrate? 

A lot of people by now would understand the key points of what is substrate like pcb. Yet, can you guess why is it so important and required? 

There are many reasons why a printed circuit board substrate is useful. If you want to have a very thin spacing between the components on the electrical board then you would need an advanced technology than the previous one.

The substrate-like printed circuit board is now meeting up with the requirements that are needed with the packaging of the sip. It is a system where the packaging happens accordingly to the technology where various types of electronic parts are combined with the help of distinct features in one single system that can furthermore implement various working functions.

Uses of Substrate:

Here are many smartphones like IOS and Android including apple or Samsung where a substrate printed circuit board is used. This is because the density of the ordinary printed circuit board is quite difficult to carry on that is why companies like these have opted to choose substrates like printed circuit boards as it gets much easier to work with them.

Hence, you can define the substrate like printed circuit board as a substance that has a very great influence on the end product of the PCB that has some kind of voltage or insulation properties added to it.

  • Another main marketing importance of the substrate like printed circuit board is that it enhances the development of a very advanced system that offers great accomplishment and ease in terms of using internet connections or Bluetooth systems in one compartment.
  • Hence with the increasing trend of technologies that can be named 5G, smart working cars the requirement is that the overall size of the printed circuit board should be designed in a smaller size so that it can outcome as much more as compared to the previous ones.

Therefore, the substrate like printed circuit boards is now being used at a much broader scale to support the mentioned latest technologies. 

What is the future of substrates like pcb in terms of market trends? 

The substrate-like printed circuit board is now being used all around and is considered to be among one of the most advanced technology. As per several reports of the researchers and working engineering manufacturers at the moment they have concluded that the scope of the substrate like printed circuit board is quite broad. 

As we mentioned earlier that the various types of consumer electronics are countless like, including different types of smartphones, laptops, brands for fitness, smart wrist bands, and much more.

Hence, the increasing want for these items by the majority of the consumers has expected to offer vast opportunities to the workers present in the substrate like a printed circuit board. 

  • More than that, with the help of a substrate like a printed circuit board the chances for getting more storage for the battery of your mobile phones like the substrate printed circuit board is more likely to be allowed for the connections that are quite thinner or are considered to be under the critical bar.
  • Thereby, by the use of the substrate like a printed circuit board the total count of the layers can be able to increase meanwhile reducing the width and the overall broad distance by a total of 30 percent as compared to the previously existing one. 

It is also estimated that in the next coming five years the market of these smartphones and other electronic gadgets is more likely to expand due to the increasing use of smartphones and the spread of the Internet globally. This will then in turn increase the overall use of the substrate like printed circuit board market as well. 

The manufacturers of smartphones and electronic gadgets are now trying ways to reduce the size of these devices so that they can be much easier to carry around.

Meanwhile, the overall demand for the size reduction of search consumer products will still be able to increase the need for substrate-like printed circuit board models all around the world. 

What are some factors that should be looked at before choosing a substrate like pcb?

Many things must be observed before you choose your substrate-like printed circuit board. Meanwhile, to make things easier for you we have listed a few basic things that must be considered before opting for the substrate-like printed circuit board. 

Should be tight enough

The first thing that you should consider while you are selecting a substrate printed circuit board is that it should be quite tight enough so that the material and the available mesh are properly held together. This is because if the components are not held tightly together then the board or the result can be impacted in a very negative way.

Avoid using FR-4 

Before you are thinking that what FR4 means then do not worry this is because it is a type of substrate-like printed circuit board that is easily available and is not expensive enough. Due to its low price and easy access, the majority of people and many manufacturers use this type of substrate-like printed circuit board.

However, good companies that are quite reputable and work with high-end quality materials do not recommend using this type. This is because it has a very ill-suited structure that does not work or support higher frequencies. 

The copper foil should be smooth 

Another common thing that people do not pay attention to is that they use roughly uneven copper foils. However, this should not be overlooked and you should always choose a surface of copper foil that is very smooth as it prevents the loss of higher frequencies. 

Avoid using poor conductors of electricity

We all know that the poor conductors of electricity will not work properly so you should use only those coils that are promising to be ideally conductive and do not have a reducing effect on the circuit. for this, you need to choose the appropriate type of conductive foil. 

The current should be matched 

The di-electric current running all around the circuit board should be matched to one another. This will keep the whole process very much smooth and be away from major working defaults. 


Substrates like printed circuit boards are now the future and have vast applications in the electronic industry. 


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