All You Need to Know What Is PCB Mounting

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A printed circuit board or PCB is used in many devices. It has a lot of functions that are very significant for electric devices. They provide mechanical support to many electronic devices. Many people are still confused about the question that what is PCB mounting and how it is done.

There is a proper procedure through which you can mount a PCB step by step. If you are developing mechanical and electronic equipment, you must have all the information about PCB mounting.

This is going to help you understand electronic devices and their conductivity better. PCBs have a lot of advantages however they are also known for their disadvantages. You also have to know both sides to better advantage the printed circuit board.

Everything you need to know about PCB mounting

Before you get into the details of how to mount a PCB, You have to know what is PCB mounting. It is going to get your concepts clear about PCB mounting, and you will understand this subject in a better way.

An integral part of electronic devices

The printed circuit board is an integral part of almost all electronic devices. If you want to make a device function, you cannot do it without a printed circuit board. This is because it provides all the connections between an electronic device. If PCB mounting is not done properly, it is obvious that your device will not work, and there will be no use in purchasing it.

Important for electronic devices development

People who are into electronic device development know the importance of PCB mounting and the significance of the process to the Electronic industry. Many electronic devices are made possible because of PCB mounting. You can get a mass number of electronic devices developed through PCB mounting at a reasonable price. It allows the devices to function with perfection and ensures that users will not face any issues.

Mounting PCB inside an enclosure

You have to be very careful when developing electronic circuits so that the devices can function properly. A single mistake during the mounting process will impact the overall performance of the device therefore you need to follow all the instructions properly. However, another important thing that you need to consider is what is PCB mounting and how to mount PCB professionally inside an enclosure.

Correct position

You have to ensure that the PCB is held in one place so it can work properly. The PCB and components attached to it should be held in one place inside the enclosure. They need to be fixed properly because if there is any movement, the connection between the enclosure will be disturbed. There is a correct position for mounting PCB, and you need to know about it to install it correctly. Therefore, you should learn the process of mounting properly before you can start to avoid any mishaps. You can even consult a skilled professional to teach you mounting process.


Ways through which you can mount PCB correctly

You can mount a PCB inside an enclosure in three ways. You can use any of these three methods according to your device's type and convenience.

You should also check all the resources available to you before mounting a PCB. It is also important to gain all the information about PCB mounting and how it is done properly.

  • Standard mounting bosses
  • Custom mounting standoffs
  • Slide-in mounting rails

Standard mounting bosses

It is one of the easiest and fastest methods through which you can amount PCB inside an enclosure. Mountain bosses are molded in the inner surface of the enclosure. It allows the feature of countersunk threading so that you can insert screws inside the enclosure. All you need to do is make some holes in your PCB through the mounting bosses.

  • Now you need to insert the mounting screws inside the PCB. You have to make sure that the screws are tightly secured so that there is no movement and they are held in place.
  • You must have heard about the poly case electronic series. They were the first to come up with mounting bosses for PCB mounting. In some of the models, you can find the screws in the top and bottom sections.

However, in the other models, they will be present only in one section. You can get your mounting boss screws for mounting the PCB. Mostly the screws are in the size of ¼, but you can also get them in a customized way according to your requirement.

If you want to quickly mount a PCB inside an enclosure, you can go for this method because it is very easy and fast. However, you need to make sure that you are getting the correct size of mounting boss screws.

Custom Mounting Standoffs

As you can get the idea from the name as well that it is for the devices that need custom mountain standoffs. Sometimes you need to make sure that you are getting the correct custom mountain and that there is a specific type of mounting for a specific device. You also have to remember that this will cost you more because you will be getting custom mounting designed specifically for you.

People who do not want to spend a lot of money on PCB mounting should not go for this method. You can go for some of the alternatives provided to you by Polycase that are more affordable and handy. People who want to go for this method are also going to have some of the benefits.

You can get an adhesive pad attached to the standoff, which can keep it tightly secured to the enclosure. Some people also remove the existing mounting from a device and replace it with the custom mounting standoff.

Slide-In Mounting Rails

This is also one of the effective and easy methods through which you can go for PCB mounting. They are also molded inside the enclosure through which you can slide into a circuit board. They are simple to use as compared to mounting bosses. You do not have to go for any type of screws, and it will also save you time because all we need to do a slide in a circuit inside the enclosure.

You can take, for example of Polycase EX Series, as it is one of the smoothest examples of PCB mount in a network with slide-in Mountain rails.

  • They are manufactured by the high quality of extruded aluminum, and you need to slide in PCB mounting right inside the enclosure.
  • You can get them within multiple rails, which will make it easy for you to get the PCB mounting according to the height you prefer for your device.

One of the significant features of this method is that when you slide into the mountain, it is held in place accurately and easily by the enclosure. This is why you do not have to worry about me any kind of movement in the mounting that can disrupt its function.

Basic principles you need to know about PCB assembly

There are 2 basic principles that you need to know to mount PCB. You can go for Through hole method and surface mounted. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You can select an option according to your convenience.

Through-hole mounting

It is one of the oldest methods of mounting. It was introduced after the second generation of computers. You can also o for the option of axial vs. radial leads. If you go for axial leads, it will mean that they have been placed on both ends sides of a component. However, if you go for radial leads, it will mean that they are placed on both sides.


  • It is more reliable because of the much stronger connection between the components.
  • They are very easy to replace.


  • They need to be placed manually.
  • They require a lot of space.

Surface mounted

This principle was introduced in the 1960s. It was originally called planar mounting. You will have leads around or beneath the package in this technology. There are many types of SMD packages that you can utilize according to your need.


  • They are smaller and will increase the density of the board.
  • Moreover, they can be placed on both sides.
  • They are mostly cheaper.


  • They are not suitable for high-power applications.
  • Surface mounted are suitable for the testing of small circuits.
  • They are sensitive to slight electrical changes.

Final Remarks:

PCB mounting is an important process for making your electronic devices work. You can use any of the 3 methods for mounting PCB. It is very important to choose the method according to your convenience. You also have to take care of the principle that you are using for PCB mounting. There are many devices in which you will need PCB mounting, and without mounting the PCB in an enclosure, your device will not work. The basic information that you need to learn about PCB mounting is discussed in the given text.


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