A Complete Guide on Which PCB Design Software Is the Best

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 It does not matter how long you have experience designing a printed circuit board. They need to be exposed to the right, and the ideal printed circuit board is still there. Printed circuit boards are used for various reasons, especially in your team projects and much more.

However, in the markets nowadays, you will probably find many types of printed circuit boards. It might be difficult for you to select the right one per your needs. Therefore, many people look out for which PCB design software is the best.

Today we will discuss a complete guide on which PCB design software is the best and why. Hence, keep following for further details.

Best types of PCB design software 

There are several kinds of printed circuit board design software. Due to this, the developers find it quite difficult to select the best one among them. However, some of them are mentioned below to let you know which PCB design is the best.


The PAD consists of logic PADS, layout PADS, and router. PADs can also be described as the top one among the COD on the much lower side. Most people have known to describe this kind of printed circuit board design software as the simplest and easy-to-use system.

It is the most common and used printed circuit board design software by users. It has an easy layout that makes it ideal to be used for small-scale industries and companies. The type of these PADs can cover all the major functions that the users need. Like, such as the material bills and the extraction of files.


The next PCB design software that can be considered the best is known as ORCAD. It is due to several reasons like simple user operations or vast functions. It is no surprise that ORCAD has good fame regarding basic stimulation functions and systems.

Hence, if you are choosing ORCAD as your printed circuit board design software, you might be making a good choice. However, many people often think about what makes it different from other printed circuit board design software.

Well, the part on which we can distinguish ORCAD and others is that it has a very powerful information component. Moreover, ORCAD is an old platform, but it can still allow users to use an optimized library.


Next on our list that can be discussed as an answer to which PCB design software is the best is called WG. It has its roots in the WG mentor. That particularly introduced WG in the year 2005 was based on the windows. The layout of this platform can define whether it is a good printed circuit board design software.

Among the user's experience with the WG 2005 model, we can conclude that in terms of layout, WG is the king of all. No one can do layouts as WG can. It has easy-to-use and optimized standards and consists of some of the strongest functions in layouts.

Not only this, but the related functions to the WG are also automatically generated. Hence, the layout rule of WG is quite strong and is known to be professional enough. Therefore, we can say that WG is a professionally printed circuit board design software with many vast features and custom layouts that you can use freely.


The company that is named PROTEL introduced the concept of printed circuit board design software in the late 80s.

  • It is rated to be the best-printed circuit board design software by the majority of users and developers who have years of experience working with kinds of printed circuit board design software.
  • Not only this, but many universities have a course where they teach students how to use PROTEL.
  • It is considered an important part of studies to train students with the highly efficient use of printed circuit board design software. It has also been used in many projects.
  • Additionally, among all the other features, there have been some changes in PROTEL. The major ones are the enhanced speed and the higher productivity levels.
  • Functions like arbitrary angle routing system. The optimization system of the routing system has also become much better.

That has helped users with many aspects of complexities they might face in working or ongoing projects. PROTEL has also been regarded as the best-printed circuit board design, especially for using two-layered boards with more working efficiency.

It’s important to learn the basics in a good way and operate the software to get good results.

Kingford PCB


EAGLE stands for easily applicable graphic layout editor. Again, like others, it has a very easy-to-use system interface and syntax functions. Generally, the user interface of the easily applicable graphic layout editor is known to be user-friendly. This platform is not free of cost, but it is quite affordable for every user.

It has several functions that can be a way to make it to the top-rated printed circuit board design software. Those functions include negative and positive annotation Online systems and execution of script files on the command of the batch. Other functions also include supporting Windows, Linux, and Mac systems as well.


This is also known to be among the best and most used printed circuit board design software. It has many added functions and working programming Syntax. The user interface which is used in the Kicad is known to be the graphical user interface. The advantage of the graphical user interface is that it can be used very easily. 

It can be operated by the use of a mouse and keyboard, which makes it much easier for the users that are generally at a beginner level.

The ways in which Kicad can be useful functionally are like it allows schematic diagrams, printed circuit board design layouts, file viewing Gerber, 3D viewing of the model, and much more. Other functions also include a large number of 3D libraries, fonts, and text styles and well.

Which printed circuit board design software is the best?

Well, after mentioning the types of printed circuit board design software, the next thing users wonder about is which printed circuit board design is the best. Well, finding the best one is not a base, but the best PCB design software depends on your needs individually.

However, if you still want to know which PCB design is the best, then you need to consider a few factors before choosing any one of them.

Meanwhile, there are many of those factors that people often do not pay attention to. But some of the major and highlighting factors that should be present in a printed circuit board design software are mentioned below. 

It should be intuitive for operation.

The best kind of printed circuit board design software is the one that has an intuitive working system. It needs to be a space where you can work instantly by learning a few things without wasting a lot of time. 

It should be affordable.

The next factor that should not be overlooked is that it should not be way too pricey. Instead, it should be affordable, or if it is free of cost, then it is even better. There are many platforms where you can find the best services or functions that too at an affordable price range.

It should have every useful function.

Regardless of whether you use functions or not, the printed circuit board design software you are using should have it all. This is because why not when you are already paying for the platform. So, to increase the range of your diversity, you should look for the mentioned category printed circuit board design software.

Vast user libraries

The best and ideal printed circuit board design software offers a vast user library that is optimized, where you can be able to learn much more and use your experience while working with it.

Large libraries are quite critical since creating new components can be a reason for new errors. Also, these kinds of errors are often not captured by the new verification systems. Hence, you need to build new components quite sooner, so look out for those features.

It should be easy to use 

Lastly, the best-printed circuit board design software needs to be user-friendly. You do not want to use a system where things and the working layout are quite difficult. Therefore, do not make your life trouble. Instead, look out for the easier way out. Working with an easy user interface can also awaken your levels of creativity.

So, you can get an idea about which PCB design software is the best from these factors.

Final Remarks:

Printed circuit board design software is used almost everywhere. From university projects to group assignments and at an international company level as well. Hence, regardless of years of experience, you need to select the best-printed circuit board design software to create and work in a much more professional way. To know more, follow the mentioned guide.


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