Telecom PCB Assembly

Telecom PCB Assembly

As the telecommunications industry continues to evolve, there is a growing demand for simple to complex printed circuit boards used in a wide variety of networking and other telecommunications products. However, assembling such high-end PCBs that withstand extreme weather conditions requires extreme industry knowledge, advanced manufacturing facilities, and trained staff. That's why you can trust Kingford to assemble performance-driven PCBs for telecom networks and products. Our high-end PCB assembly service have helped us win the patronage of many customers in the telecommunications industry.

Telecommunication PCB Assembly Capability at Kingford

Kingford is a reliable and professional full-service PCBA assembly company specializing in prototyping and low-volume manufacturing of high-complexity domain or telecommunications and industrial computing printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) for leading OEMs. Kingford is experienced in highly complex, highly configurable networking products, leveraging our extensive experience in manufacturing networking products, scaling from the prototype stage to mass production.

We have a technical team of more than 20 people. From design to assembly to mass production, we can quickly and accurately complete the power communication assembly service for you. Our goal is to quickly respond to customer needs through high-quality services. For power communication PCBA services, we Strategic steps have been taken to manufacture PCB assemblies with stringent specifications to meet this industry requirement, dedicated to providing a range of high quality power communication PCB production and PCB assembly services to our customers.


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